The 3rd international biennial of contemporary metal art Metallophone: Bonds (5.10. - 26.10.2016)

When creating, artists often forget that they belong to a large community which brings all the creators together by invisible links. Being in the community inspires, allows to learn and share ideas as well as discover new horizons. To bring artists together to a single event – this was the idea of the contemporary metal biennial “METALLOphone” when it was launched five years ago. Today the biennial unites the global community of metal artists and is the only event dedicated solely for metal art in Lithuania. 

So it is unsurprising that the third international contemporary metal art biennial taking place in Vilnius talks about the metal connection. As a unified speech, this material, having mediational characteristics, not only brings together artists from around the world but also has the ability to embody the intangible connection between the artist and the environment through a creative process. Each person sees the world in his own way, describes different events in his own words so the connections embodied in metal in this “METALOphone” reveals authentic, unique stories of the artists.

This year “METALOphone” generated especially a lot of interest not only in Europe but also in Asia, Australia, North and South America so the event featured 63 artists from 28 countries: Turkey, Romania, Poland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Japan, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Holland, Taiwan, Colombia, Canada, Estonia, Austria, England, Latvia, Pakistan, South Korea, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Finland, Spain, New Zealand. 

The exhibition was held at (AV17) gallery, Aušros Vartų str. 17 and Lithuanian Artists Association gallery, Vokiečių str. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The project was partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.


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